Shanghai People Electric (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned quality company affiliated to Zhejiang nine Electric Co., Ltd. The company is located in Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, which is known as the capital of electrical appliances in China. batch of advanced equipment and an innovative R & D team.

       The company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of power distribution and transmission equipment, mainly producing molded case circuit breakers, intelligent frame circuit breakers, AC contactors, air switches, leakage circuit breakers, dual power automatic transfer switches, reactive power compensators, Composite switches, capacitive non-contact switches, DC contactors, switched capacitor contactors, knife switches, electric energy meters and other series of low-voltage complete sets of components, the company integrates development, production, sales and service as one of the modern enterprises.

       The company adheres to the corporate tenet of "market-centered, innovation-led, quality-based, and reputation-based", based on the Bank, and constantly promotes the enterprise to diversification, scale and grouping.

       Facing the challenges of the global economy, all employees of the company are full of confidence and actively explore, and are comprehensively promoting the five basic projects of "talent training project, image building project, quality upgrading project, technology improvement project and market expansion project", in order to promote the company. Bigger and stronger to lay a solid foundation.

       In recent years, thanks to the long-term support and friendly cooperation of new and old customers at home and abroad, the companys products sell well all over the country and are exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East and South Africa and other countries and regions. Service, better product quality and preferential price, and cooperate with domestic and foreign manufacturers to achieve a win-win situation!

       Company culture: The company is based on people-oriented, reputation first, and quality first, and is developing rapidly and steadily along the road of reform and opening up.

       The companys future development direction: In the face of economic challenges, the company comprehensively promotes the "strategic human resource management" as the focus, shifting from labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive industries, from commodity management to both commodities and capital, and from domestic The development strategy of the market shifting to expanding the national market with equal emphasis.

       Work hard to realize the grand blueprint of Zhejiang nine Electric in a higher direction in the future! ! !


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