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  • 072022-04
    Why does the air switch (molded case circuit breaker) burn up?Friends often ask this question, but I don't know why the upper end of the air switch (referred to as circuit breaker) is burned out. Today I will tell you about the problem......
  • 282020-09
    The main function of the integrated fire-fighting linkage molded case circuit breaker is to be assembled to the side of the circuit breaker through modularization, which is convenient for user wiring management and use. The......
  • 202020-09
    BA series molded case circuit breaker is a molded case circuit breaker specially exported to Russia. It has the advantages of small size, high breaking capacity, no arcing, etc., and is deeply loved by Russian customers and people......
  • 172019-06
    When designing switching power supplies or other electronic equipment, there are many indicators that need to be considered and tested, and altitude is rarely mentioned or concerned, which is a rarely mentioned equipment performance......
  • 222019-02
    After intense preparations at the end of 2018, our company's office in Xi'an was officially established. Friends in the northwest can place orders directly to the office, avoiding the problem of long waiting time, and can deliver to you in time. At......
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       Shanghai People's Electric (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned quality company affiliated to Zhejiang nine Electric Co., Ltd. The company is located in Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, which is known as the capital of electrical appliances in China. batch of advanced equipment and an innovative R & D team.

       The company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of power distribution and transmission equipment, mainly producing molded case circuit breakers, intelligent frame circuit breakers, AC contactors, air switches, leakage circuit breakers, dual power......

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The company is located in Liushi Town, Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, which is known as the electrical capital of China. The company was established in 2010 and has a number of advanced equipment and an innovative R&D team.
In recent years, thanks to the long-term support and friendly cooperation of new and old customers at home and abroad, the company's products sell well all over the country and are exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East and South Africa and other countries and regions.


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The company adheres to the corporate tenet of "market-centered, innovation-led, quality-based, and reputation-based", based on the Bank, and constantly promotes the enterprise to diversification, scale and grouping.

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